Sustainable Projects… A Responsible Way Forward

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At ProjX, we are focused on our responsibilities as designers, engineers and managers, to plan for and necessitate outcomes that align with our core values. Our team is empowered to ensure every decision made is well considered with regards to safety and sustainability in the workplace, and in the communities and environment in which we carry out our work.

Health and Safety

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ProjX effectively apply health and safety principles in design, planning and execution of all projects. We have the necessary awareness to identify where specific focus is required with regards to health and safety in the workplace. We are familiar with the relevant codes, standards and industry best practice, and we are accustomed to navigating the processes required to ensure positive outcomes with regards to health and safety.


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Where we live, where we work, and where we play. The ProjX team are committed to the protection of the environment, and ensuring that all project decisions, from concept through to commissioning, are suitably considerate of the environment and the impacts our decisions can have. It is part of our consciousness to protect what needs protecting, and we have the necessary experience to make the right decisions.

Community and People

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Being privately owned, regionally located, and a family orientated business, we inherently place people and the community at the forefront of our objectives. We are active in our local community, we contribute to many valuable causes, and we always seek to be active within the communities that we are new to, listening and understanding first, before acting with consideration and dignity.

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