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Project Management

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ProjX provide end-to-end project solutions founded on the core principals of project management.

Working across all industries and collaborating with the industry’s best, ProjX will tailor the management of your project to ensure that your project objectives are met, and your expectations exceeded.


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Our planning services include a range of activities, from scoping studies, conceptual design and cost estimating, to project scheduling, focused industry research, project execution planning, and stakeholder liaison.

Let ProjX add value when planning your next project and realise the full potential of your project.


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The ProjX team work intimately with our clients, often involved in the early development phases of the project right through to commissioning. Our extensive capabilities across all disciplines, combined with our successful history on numerous mining and resources projects, ensures that our studies undertaken are targeted and practical, and sufficiently transparent in support of our collaborative “Owner’s Team” approach.

Studies undertaken include:

  • Desktop and Scoping Studies
  • Pre-Feasibility Studies (PFS)
  • Definitive Feasibility Studies (DFS)
  • Optimisation Studies

Renewable Energy Solutions

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At ProjX, we are acutely aware of the world’s desired course towards decarbonisation, however we are also very aware of the complexities when integrating renewables for mining and resources projects, in particular on remote sites where grid power is not available, and given that there are no two projects that are the same.

ProjX have “real world” experienced engineering resources in-house, and are also partnered with industry leaders in the supply of latest technologies and financing of renewables systems, which results in a distinct focus on solutions that ensure plant availability, seamless integration, actual cost benefit, and tangible environmental benefit.

Let ProjX help navigate practical renewables solutions that are tailored to your project’s unique requirements.


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We have extensive in-house engineering experience and partner with select industry professionals to facilitate conceptual engineering design, through to detailed engineered solutions.

Our attention to detail is well renowned, and we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality deliverables.

Design And Drafting

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With both in-house and externally sourced multi-disciplinary design and drafting capabilities, ProjX provide innovative design solutions to even the most complex of projects.

Utilising the latest in 3D and 2D design software and providing our clients with the tools to review our designs in the third dimension, ensures the design meets the defined requirements of the project.


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ProjX can provide project, engineering and construction management resources for your next project. Our low overhead company structure ensures that assignment-based resources can be offered at extremely competitive rates and on an as-required basis.

Choose ProjX when you require any short or long term project management resources.

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